Moving Towards DeFi: Jet-Bot Rebrands As Global Traders Protocol

Dear community,

Today we have big news on ground-shifting changes in our project. We are pleased to inform you about the Jet-Bot rebranding. With the ecosystem expansion and movement towards decentralization, we are updating the brand name to Global Traders Protocol.

We believe that this brand name mirrors our current development vector — the creation of the DeFi ecosystem and protocol for decentralized copy trading and DeFi investment pools for DEXs. We are going to launch a whole new product line in terms of building a decentralized ecosystem and bringing more tools and opportunities to our users.

Global Traders Protocol and DeFi

DeFi aka Decentralized Finance is the rapidly growing sector geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries and creating a safe and trustless environment for any digital asset activity. DeFi applications and platforms allow users to avoid centralized gatekeepers who limit the speed and privacy of transactions while offering them less direct control over their money. That’s why more and more projects now are turning to DeFi which causes continuous growth in this area. During the November of 2021 the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi has reached an all-time high estimated at $263.80 billion.

Statistic data:

That is why we build Global Traders Protocol. GTP is a protocol for decentralized copy trading on DEX platforms. It allows professional traders to interact with a wide audience of investors using the profit-sharing model. Investors get access to the onchain P&L rating of traders and the option to join a copy trading via smart-contract managed by a trader. Traders get the opportunity to get access to additional liquidity and earn additional profit by managing the assets of GTP ecosystem users who follow them. This model includes all the properties of DeFi products such as transparency, safety, privacy and decentralized governance protocol.

About the Global Traders Protocol ecosystem

We have a strong vision that the future of digital assets is going to be decentralized. That is why there is an urgent need to build a proper environment for users. A key element of our ecosystem will be a GTP token. It will be burnt each time ecosystem members interact with the smart contract. The entire ecosystem will be managed by its members through DAO governance.

This tool can be used not only by traders, but also by funds, portfolio managers, nft investors and other market participants. In fact, any participant in the crypto market who conducts a profitable crypto activity will have the opportunity to conveniently collect a pool of liquidity, which he can manage in order to manage and earn profit both from his capital and from the capital of investors.

We believe that with this technology we are revolutionizing the spheres of the global copy trading and trust management market. Our unique technology will allow both traders and investors to cooperate in an absolutely decentralized, secure and completely transparent manner.

About the Jet-Bot project

Jet-Bot is our first product we started with a year ago. This is a marketplace for centralized copy trading for CEX exchanges via API. Launched in May 2020 the platform showed a positive track record and a lot of positive feedback from users. During this year we delivered many features to users and became an authorized broker of the Binance exchange.

The project’s audience has grown from 300 to 25,000 users since launch mostly because of word-of-mouth viral spreading. People like the product and they spread the word about it to friends.

That was the factor that showed us that the product is essential for the market. Also it was performing as interesting and profitable for users. Auditory is satisfied with the product as it provides an opportunity for passive online earnings for their crypto investments.

Isn’t it amazing when you wake up and see a report in telegrams that your trader completed seven trades overnight for you and you made a profit from it, despite the fact that you did nothing, you were just asleep? Basically, we provide users with the «Make Money» button.

The Jet-Bot product will also remain available to our audience and will continue developing as an essential part of the GTP ecosystem.

Thank you for staying with us and heading into the new decentralized future! Follow our official socials to stay in touch with upcoming changes.

The new protocol and ecosystem site is available at —

The CEX copy trading platform is accessible via the link —

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