GT-Protocol launches 750 USDT Meme Contest

Dear GT-Protocol community,

we are launching a new contest! The task is simple and clear — to create memes with our project. The number of memes created by one participant is not limited: create as much as you like! We will award the best works with prizes in USDT.

The period of the event is from April 12 to April 24 (inclusive), 23:59 UTC.


🥇 The Coolest Meme — 300 USDT

🥈 Most memes from one participant — 200 USDT

🥉 Most Creative Meme — 100 USDT

In addition to these prizes, we will launch voting in our channel. 3 memes with the most votes will receive $50 each.

How to participate?

1️⃣ Share to your Twitter profile.

2️⃣ Create a meme and post it in your profile. Don’t forget to add hashtags #GTProtocol and $GTP!

3️⃣ Send a link to your publication in the comments of this post to Twitter or Telegram

4️⃣ After summing up the results, we will contact the winners of the contest to clarify the wallet address and send the prizes in USDT.

What should memes be like?

Whatever! Show your creative nature: the more unusual, funnier and more relevant — the better! The main thing to remember is that all memes must be related to the GT-Protocol: you will need to add our logo and name of our project to your creation.

To get inspired to create memes, you can watch our AMA session — . Here you can get more information about GT-Protocol and our technology.

The meme contest is open! Looking forward to your work and good luck!

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