GT-Protocol Announces an Investment from GSR

Dear GT-Protocol community,

Our team is thrilled to announce a strategic investment partnership with GSR, the global leader in crypto trading, market-making and liquidity provision.

GSR is an investor in more than 100 projects building the future of finance and technology. The team forms lasting partnerships with their portfolio companies through their suite of services and global team of over 250 crypto finance professionals.

«At GSR, we have a culture of approaching complex problems with tenacity and imagination. We build long-term relationships by offering exceptional service, expertise and trading capabilities tailored to the specific needs of our clients», — says GSR’s official website.

Our main focus is to create a fully decentralized, accessible, functional and effective ecosystem for DeFi pools management and DeFi social trading which will also be secure, fair and high-performative. As one of the largest and most influential market-makers for digital assets, GSR is the 100% appropriate long-term partner for GT-Protocol and our future strategic steps. We are happy to have such an influential company as our investor.

About GSR

Founded in 2013, GSR is a global crypto market maker with 250 employees. GSR specializes in providing liquidity, risk management strategies, and structured products to sophisticated global investors in the digital assets industry. GSR works with token issuers, traders, investors, miners, and more than 60 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. The company builds long-term relationships with cryptocurrency communities and traditional investors by offering exceptional service, expertise and trading capabilities tailored to their specific needs.

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About GT-Protocol

GT-Protocol is a multichain protocol for DeFi investment pools management & decentralized pools trading on DeFi and CeFi markets.

The team builds a decentralized, transparent and secure solution that allows any entity/person to create a DeFi smart-contract pool for collecting funds from contributors and further liquidity management on DeFi markets based on a profit-sharing model.

Users get access to on-chain P&L pools rating and the option to join any pool via MetaMask. All funds are securely protected by the smart contract which is transparently managed by a pool owner without funds withdrawal possibility.

Use cases of GT-Protocol DeFi pools solution:

  • trading pools
  • portfolio management pools
  • pools for savings deposits with guaranteed APY (stable earnings without risks)
  • yield farming and staking pools
  • fundraising pools
  • NFT collections pools
  • pools for VCs
  • any entity/person which performs a profitable activity on DeFi/CeFi markets could use GTP technology to create a pool and collaborate with contributors on success fee model

Jet-Bot — algo trading & copy trading platform. Earn 285–2714% APY.

One of GTP ecosystem products — is a platform for algorithmic trading & copy trading on the Binance exchange. Both Jet-Bot CEX product and GT-Protocol DeFi pools — are part of GTP DeFi & CeFi ecosystem.

-product is launched with 25K+ users on board

-users left 6K+ positive reviews on CoinPayments

-people earn profit passively 285–2714% APY by using trading algorithms and by copying TOP traders. Users enjoy it and spread the word 😊

GT-Protocol IDO ($GTP token)

GT-Protocol has announced Initial Dex Offering of GTP token.

GTP token is available for purchase on the announced list of IDO platforms or by joining IDO community round.

GTP is a native utility token of GT-protocol which provides holders with a lot of significant benefits and utilities in all GTP ecosystem products.

Referral program

Earn up to 50% referral fee

Take part in our referral program and get up to 50% of payments. Every invited person will get 3 days trial access to the platform and $10 to their account as a bonus to run with.

IDO Links

IDO website | MVP website | | IDO details | Community Round Whitelist | $10 AirDrop

Social links

Social links

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